Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 13/12/2014

By whiplite

Subject Re: Re: Persistence and Menus

Thanks for the help i figured it out. I was was following the file paths examples in the "sample.mnu" file too strictly. I just moved all the .iso and .mnu files to the main menu folder and changed the title and help text within the sample mnu file for each distro. this accomplished listing all the distros in the main menu with my titles/help text and having persistence on the ones i needed it on.
Thanks to you for the help and if your not the creator thanks to them for the files. If i had some funds i would donate but i'm trying to get back on my feet.
after trying xboot, mlutiboot, uneboot, yumi, lulu, and probably a dozen others this was the system that work for me so far.
now to test on multiple systems