Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 12/12/2014

By whiplite

Subject Persistence and Menus

Hi again
I using a couple vesions of linux and need persistence in most of them. I have accomplished it by following the .mnu sample files.
The poblem is that some of the instuctions tell me specific sub foldes to save them in i.e. _iso\mainmenu\mnu\slax8_32 for the extracted SLAX iso. or _iso\linux\mnu for linux mint etc. This make the persistence work which i'm grateful for but It changes the mainmenu list and linux lists. and seems to use the file name as a list entry.

Is there a way to keep persistence working while stile being able to create a .mnu file for the title and help text?
And (it would be nice) to be able to list all my distros and utilities in the main menu with persistence active if need be.