Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 11/11/2014

By SteveSi

Subject Re: multiple boot usb drive

You can install win8 first on a freshly formatted USB drive and then add the E2B files to the same partition.
You could have two primary partitions, Win8 to go on the first and E2B on the 2nd.
You will need to make the USB drive boot to the E2B menu by installing grub4dos using RMPrepUSB. Then you can either add a .mnu file to \_ISO\MAINMENU or for a quicker boot you can edit the \menu.lst file and add extra menus

title E2B
configfile /_ISO/e2b/grub/menu.lst

title Win8
root (hd0,0)
chainloader /bootmgr

For WinToGo see

Due to many BIOSes not being able to access sectors past 137GB on USB drives however, you should keep the total size of both partitions to below 137GB.
If you just use one partition for both E2B and Windows, then you could make a 130GB 1st partition and use the 2nd partition for a data partition for Windows.