Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 03/11/2014

By TechDud

Subject Easy2Boot - DriverPack updates?

Is there anything i can change for upcoming DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32 [Nightlies]?
Perhaps changes in or elsewhere could be integrated with credits to SteveSi (et al) in changelogs?
Am adding following HWID's to ..\i\9\dps7achi.inf (XP-RST11.2)
Symbios24 seems to have found a bug affecting one AMD AHCI HWID, and a fix for that is in the works too.
Thank you for the write-up too, by the way. :)
http ://
A reminder that all updated NT5 packs can be obtained via this search for [Nightlies]: http ://
For the reader, please remember, true Friends don't let friends run XP for internet access! Activation is the only internet access an XP install should ever see now. WLAN can use cable, btw.

I'm thankful as well to those who started the DriverPacks project in the first place, and all those many people whom have selflessly contributed their time too in the last decade or so. You can find me in that forum.
Thank you, SteveSi! :)