Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 02/11/2014

By Alon

Subject Slow boot

Hi Steve.
First, as other mentioned before, let me thank you for an amazing software. I was looking for ALL in One solution for a long time :)
In your YouTube video, after deploying the E2B to your pen drive, i saw that it is taking only 5 seconds to boot (using QEMO)
In my case it takes no less than a minute :( (QEMO and Actual Boot)
I followed the steps in the video precisely .
i Have tried the following:
1. Different E2B version (Easy2Boot_v1.58DPMS + Easy2Boot_v1.11)
2. Different Pen USB (32 TOSHIBA + KINGSTON 16)
3. Different PC
Any suggestions?
Thank U again :)