Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 01/11/2014

By SteveSi

Subject Re: PTN2_Menu.mnu Error

Hi - did you edit lines 1 and 3 as in the instructions inside the .mnu file? in your case you want hd0,1 ...
iftitle [ls (hd0,1)/_ISO/ > nul && if "%GFX%"==""] ^Ctrl+2 PARTITION 2 Payload Files Menu [Ctrl+2]\n Run payload files in Partition 2 \\_ISO folder
set LBACKMENU=(bd)/%grub%/menu.lst
(bd)/%grub%/QAUTO.g4b .automenu (hd0,1)/_ISO
debug 0
configfile (md)0x3000+0x50

I will try to make this clearer in the next version!