Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 01/11/2014

By Starla

Subject PTN2_Menu.mnu Error

Hi Steve.
First of all thank you for your hard, hard work developing, improving and fixing this incredible software.
I'm using E2B 1.57a Beta11 (last 1.57a before 1.58). Everything is working good so far, except the Sample PTN2_Menu.mnu is not working for me. Here are 2 shots from VBox, same error in my real PC.
I have 2 primary PTNs. PTN1 is FAT32 and contains E2B files. PTN2 is NTFS and contains 2 big imgPTN files under _ISO folder. I can change "Accessible Windows PTN" with RMPrepUSB without problems, and even tools like Paragon HD Manager and Easeus Partition Master can see both PTNs in my UFD when launched from E2B in VBox.
I think the problem is that PTN2_Menu.mnu has to be updated somehow due to all changes/fixes in grldr/QAUTO.g4b, but I'm not sure.
Thanks in advance