Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 14/10/2014

By irma_e2b

Subject partition ??

google traduction for my post - i'm french
OS linux mint13-maya update
E2B 1.55a not dpms
E2B: http: //
I have a usb key I made this:
1 partition fat 32 with 4GB easy2boot (called "EasyBoot") which contains
- partedmagic
- Boot repair
- Details
1 4GB encrypted partition (called "crypt") which contains
- My documents
no problem, the boot drive and E2B fully functional
no problem with the encrypted partition
I also did these tests with one partition 8GB fat and so is
I noticed by cons:
E2B when I leave and return in mint13
I plug in my key
- Partition "EasyBoot" rise automatically: OK
- Partition "crypt" rise automatically: OK
BUT there is a new partition mounted more
she was appointed to be partedmagic, bootrepair, tails depending on what I used in E2B
gparted does not see
Disk Utility sees it, lets take it apart, then remove
Have you encountered this problem?
how can it be automatically deleted?
thank you