Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 24/08/2014

By Starla

Subject Win7 installation from 2nd partition on removable USB drive (not the E2B partition)

Hi all. Only 3 days into all this amazing E2B thing, so please sorry if this does not make sense at all. I've been reading the articles about using E2B with a 2 partition removable drive, the limitations regarding Windows installation ISOs (must be on the E2B partition) and the useful E2B_PTN_SWAP.mnu option. But what if I use an imgPTN of the Win7 ISO (or a imgPTN of corresponding Rufus USB drive) instead of the Win7 ISO itself, so
PTN1: FAT32, E2B files + less than 4GB payloads + PTN2_Menu.mnu
PTN2: NTFS, imgPTN Win7 installation + other greater than 4 GB payloads (imgPTN where required).

Could it work to install Win7?

Thanks in advance.