Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 21/08/2014

By SteveSi

Subject Re: Re: Re: iso files

Please see for explanations and details.
If you don't have legacy mode on the target system, you need to boot the E2B drive somehow in legacy mode first and select the .imgPTN file. Then unplug it and connect it to your UEFI system.

There are a number of ways you can boot E2B in Legacy mode and select the required .imgPTN file:
1. Use a legacy BIOS system (e.g. spare notebook)
2. Use RMPrepUSB - QEMU button to boot under QEMU
3. Use VirtualBox+VMUB to boot from the E2B drive under VBox
4. Keep a copy of MobaLiveCD.exe on the E2B USB drive and run it to boot from the E2B USB drive under Windows (it uses QEMU).