Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 26/07/2014

By Friz

Subject Getting Windows Aio Install disks to work ie by Murphy76

Thank for making and supporting such a great program.
I am trying to load various Windows Aio (all in 1) .isos , Two examples of these are:
Windows 7 SP1 AIO 24in1 x64 en-US Jul2014 - murphy78
Windows 8.1 AIO 24in1 with Update x64 en-US Jul2014 - Murphy78
I am using a std 32gb Sandisk flash drive (not a fixed disk).
All appears to work (the AIO's appear in the E2B menu , but when I run the iso after creating , they will not install Windows and I get the "Driver missing screen/error" mentioned in the FAQ. I do have the Autounattended.xml file in the root of the flashdrive that is mentioned in the FAQ. But whatever I try and do I cannot seem to get either of these AIO isos not to not have this error. Both work fine when writing on their own to a flash drive.
I presume these is something "special" about the Murphy78 Aio Windows installs.
Has anyone actually managed to get these FULLY working with Easy2boot?
Thanks in advance as it would be so nice to have these fully working on one single USB bootable flash drive.