Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 21/07/2014

By Robert

Subject Re: Re: Re: Install Multi OS

I started to us e2b, because it seemed so easy. I used these instructions to make my USB. I dont know where could I even make a mistake, it is so simple. And if it isn't, why there is no proper instruction. I am really angry, I wanted it so much to work and now it seems, that I stuck again with the bl..dy dvd writing.

"To make a new Easy2Boot USB Flash drive (Windows OS):

1. Download and install RMPrepUSB (
2. Insert your USB Flash drive into your computer's USB port
3. Right-click on the Make_E2B_USB_Drive.cmd file and choose 'Run as Administrator...'
4. Follow the instructions to format your USB Flash drive and add the Easy2Boot files.

To add your ISO files, simply copy them to the correct folder on your Easy2Boot USB drive.

e.g. Copy linux ISOs to \_ISO\LINUX
Copy Windows 7 Install ISOs to \_ISO\WINDOWS\WIN7"

If this isn't everything, why it is not stated. Please advice me another utility that makes a USB, that I can add multiple OSs, and I can decide upon booting which OS I want to install. It sounds soo easy and I don't want anything else from it. On the e2b website it states that it works easily (make the usb and copy the bootable isos) and it seemingly not. Thank you for your help.