Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 16/07/2014

By Jon

Subject Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: E2B running EXTREMELY SLOW

Really? Nobody has experienced the slow E2B loading before, I am the only one? Well, Ok then. I guess I'm just special. ;)
The list is growing of slow systems. The only one that loads fast is the R60. Slow systems like noted above, range from desktop generic no-brand Athlon 64X2 w/AMI BIOS MSI K9N Neo board, Shuttle SD30G2 Core2Duo w/Phoenix-Award BIOS, Shuttle SK21G Athlon 64, Dell GX260 Pentium 4, Lenovo R51.
Rather than assume that all these systems have some USB I/O limitation or problem, I would think there is something your program does not like about certain systems? No?
I can send you a problem report on your contact form, but its a lot of different systems. Just surprised that nobody else has experienced this slow loading before? Anyone? ...