Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 15/07/2014

By Grywald

Subject Re: Re: RMPrepUSB support of GPT or UEFI MULTI with Easy2Boot

Thanks for these clarifications. Yes, you're right, I can make a UEFI MULTI drive. But after, I'm lost... So far, I couldn't figure out a solution. I can boot on the drive but how load E2B ? How to proceed ?
I follow your guide (, it doesn't work. Maybe I'm doing something wrong with UEFI MULTI ? I don't know... You're right, UEFI MULTI is quite tricky to use than E2B.
In fact, I use this one because E2B require to convert the .iso to .imgPTN (or else) as I'm able to understand. Well, I prefer to use directly the iso. This way, I can install Windows (UEFI mode) directly without need any conversion.