Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 13/07/2014

By Jon

Subject E2B running EXTREMELY SLOW

Is there some known issue with E2B running extremely slow on certain computers/setups?

When I first tried out E2B, I thought, WOW! This is great! This blows YUMI out of the water! Everything loaded fast, all ISOs I tried worked, even some that would never work with others. And all with drag and drop ease. This was on a Lenovo R60 Core Solo laptop with 1GB.

But then I tried the same USB stick on a couple of desktops, and it was painfully slow. These aren't super powerful desktops by any means, just as old as the R60. The Athlon 64X2 and Core 2 Duo systems, each with 2GB RAM and both benchmark higher than the R60 on CPU, memory and HD. All USB 2.0.

On the R60 it got to the main menu in under 10 seconds. But on these two desktops, it took SEVERAL MINUTES! Very slow in all stages of loading and seems like each "adding" line for MNU or ISO that zipped by on the R60 takes a second each on the desktops.