Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 10/07/2014

By SteveSi

Subject Re: RMPrepUSB support of GPT or UEFI MULTI with Easy2Boot

RMPrepUSB uses grubinst to install grub4dos and this only works on FAT/NTFS drives.
UEFI MULTI uses a different technique from E2B. It uses a GPT format and uses bootmgr to boot to grub4dos. You should be able to make the UEFI MULTI drive and then add the E2B files to it after you have it booting to grub4dos. UEFI MULTI supports booting to grub4dos so just use that to make a grub4dos-booting drive first - then add the E2B files.
Easy2Boot can MBR or UEFI boot Windows or Linux or other images. E2B is simple to set up for UEFI booting and easy to change. UEFI MULTI cannot UEFI-boot linux AFAIK and is quite tricky to use.
Was there some reason why you need to use UEFI MULTI?