Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 10/07/2014

By Grywald

Subject RMPrepUSB support of GPT or UEFI MULTI with Easy2Boot


there's an issue with RMPrepUSB. This one doesn't support USB Drive which has a GPT partition table (instead of MBR). If you try to install grub4dos on, RMPrepUSB will return this message of error : "Grubinst failed - Check partition table has no 'Type 0' partitions and check drive is correctly formatted."
So, I would like to know if there's a way to fix that ? The FAQ don't mention anything about that (or I didn't find it ?). Maybe you don't know how to proceed. In this case, you should look at UEFI MULTI ( He doesn't have this issue. I try to use this software (UEFI MULTI) with Easy2Boot. It wasn't a success. I couldn't find a way for "add E2B to your own grub4dos USB drive". So, could you me give a guide ? If it's possible ?