Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 03/07/2014

By SteveSi

Subject Re: FreeDOS + Custom EXE?

You need to make a DOS floppy disk image and then add the program into the image.
1. Use RMPrepUSB - File - Create 1.44MB DOS Floppy
2. Copy the image to your E2B USB drive - \_ISO\MAINMENU folder
3. Load the .IMA file using WinImage
4. Create a file called AutoExec.bat containing the text
5. Drag and drop the AutoExec.bat file and the DOSDLG.exe file into the WinImage window pane to add them to the image
6. Save and exit WinImage

If you want to use FreeDos rather than MS-DOS, create the floppy image, then delete all files. Then add in the files from inside the FREEDOS_USB_BOOT folder of RMPrepUSB (press F3 to easily get to the folder). Change the kernel.sys filename to IO.SYS. Use FDAUTO.bat instead of AutoExec.bat.