Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 14/06/2014

By •ღ♥ღ DEv ღ♥ღ ¸

Subject Re: Automate Everything

I think you are using UEFI based PC. Is it ?
If you are using UEFI based PC, then you should use Partition Image (Win81.imgPTNLBAa). You can create 'Win81.imgPTNLBAa' with the help of MakePartImage tool in the MPI_Tool_Pack.
Copy 'Win81.imgPTNLBAa' to \_ISO\MAINMENU or \_ISO\WIN)
Partition Images will never show blue screen for Y/N option and lands directly on "Press any key ..."
After first restart of 'Windows Installation' boot from internal hard disk instead of USB Drive.
Note- Always keep 'Internal Harddisk' as a '1st Boot Priority'. You can Press F12 for USB Booting instead of changing USB Drive as '1st Boot Priority'.