Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 14/06/2014

By Yogesh

Subject Automate Everything

Here is my situation:
Changes in my bios (about boot order) settings persist after restart. even though my installation (Windows 8.1) is completely automated using answer file, I have to wait to remove the flash drive after first restart. Otherwise it would go back to first step of installation and copy all files again.(This will be an endless loop if I don't remove the flash drive).(when I am not using e2b)
Now when I use e2b, I get a "press any key to boot from cd or dvd" prompt (after all the menus), which I can just ignore from second time onwards to avoid the endless loop, if all other menus in e2b can be automated.
Now my question is:
1. is there any way to make "Press any key to boot from cd or dvd" prompt appear for Windows 8.1 installation while using flash drive (not using e2b)?
2. if not, is there any way to make all the menus in e2b automated so that it lands directly on "Press any key ..." prompt? I will be using only one iso file.