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Date 14/03/2015

By SteveSi

Subject Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: win7 imgptn bugged

Yes - VM only problem.
This is nothing to do with E2B or .imgPTN files.
If you have VM with
Disk 0 = USB with Windows Installer\Setup.exe
Disk 1 = Virtual HDD
Then Windows will treat Disk 0 as the System disk and install boot sector code to Disk 0 not Disk 1. The same thing will happen with any USB drive if it is DIsk 0 in a VM. e.g. Rufus USB or official Windows USB tool.
It will work OK on a Real system because on a Real system, Disk 0 is the internal hard disk.

P.S. Try MakePartImage v. 0.045 - make a new .imgPTN file using it. It should then work in a VM.