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Date 14/03/2015

By disciplexone

Subject Re: Re: Re: Re: win7 imgptn bugged

same problem in 1.63b3 with win7.imgptn win7 bootloader during restart and VM fail INT18 no MBR in VHD, fail installing Mass storage in Win7 cannot read USB, so not possible to use e2b partition restore.cmd
Maybe this only happens in VM not on real system but I'm not sure, I had to restore my e2b backup from external hdd xD I won't bother making an win7 imgptn again had to erase and re contigious my flash drive 3 times cause of small disk space 8GB =P
but it now list the HDD as drive 0 c:\ and d:\in USB using e2b installer, old youtube tutorial in rmprep BOOT as HDD c:\ptns Thanks