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Date 10/03/2015

By disciplexone

Subject win7 imgptn bugged

Hi again Steve,
I just stopped by your site to report a bug in win7.imgptn
I think it installs the bootloader to the imgptn file whenever
I restart comp, it says Windows 7 and windows 7 Setup EMS
I think, it should boot to easy2boot win7 menu also usb drive
not recognized in newly installed system then when I reboot virtual box Fail INT18 on the VHD.
So I just replaced with win7.iso I don't mind typing c:\_ISO\e2b\firadisk\loadiso on first language screen =)

here are my new screens
pwd screen:
menu screen:
EFI is Konboot EFI imgptn =P =]
Thank you again for e2b