About me

My name is Steve Si and I am an experienced (i.e. ageing) Computer Development Engineer from the UK. I was made redundant in 2011 and so I am currently unemployed/retired. 
This website is funded out of my own pocket and due to the popularity of E2B, the bandwidth charges are now costing me over £200 a year, so any donations would be most welcome ;-) 

Over the last 30 years, I have been involved in most things to do with PCs in an OEM/System Builder company, e.g. modifying firmware, writing functional test software in x86 assembler, designing circuits and PCBs, developing apps and BIOS level (x86 assembler) backup/restore software, memory test s/w, hardware and software validation, mainboard and system validation, writing boot managers, developing fully automated production test software and Windows installation processes used to install over 1 million new computers in the factory, writing technical knowledge base articles and loads more stuff that is too boring to mention and I can't even remember now!
I have been interested in USB Flash drives ever since they first appeared (their small size, speed and large storage capacity is amazing compared to the storage media that was available 30 years ago!).
Whilst working for my former employer (RM), I wrote RMPrepUSB (RM's Prepare USB utility). RM have allowed me to continue it's development privately and have allowed it to be made publicly available for non-commercial use.
As I had some time on my hands after being made redundant, I decided to experiment more with USB drives and grub4dos. I got lots of help and inspiration from the great guys at reboot.pro and I also should make a special mention of chenall and yaya who maintain grub4dos and have fixed and improved it greatly over the last few years. I have also added many tutorials to the RMPrepUSB website. These are mainly derived from my experiments with USB drives and USB booting - and also they document the many pitfalls and 'gotchas' that I found along the way - many of which are also chronicled in my blog!
Easy2Boot is really an evolutionary product - it has slowly evolved due to people asking me 'Can I have xyz?' or 'What if it did this?'.
One offshoot was FakeFlashTest which is a much faster way to detect fake Flash memory devices (I guess there is a clue in the name!).
Some personal details:
Favourite Wine: Retsina or Shiraz
Favourite Colour: Saphire Blue