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E2B v1.50 available!

26/06/2014 18:05
If you are feeling brave - try the new version! All menus, menu entries, information and prompts in a single STRINGS.txt file Compatible with previous versions (except for user added .mnu files) 500MB CONTIG.ISO included in download (compressed) Memtest86+ updated If running an .imgPTN...

Improved language support for E2B is coming!

24/06/2014 13:57
I am working on a new version of E2B that will have a STRINGS.TXT file which will contain the words displayed by E2B batch files and menus, etc. This will mean that to change language, you just need to add the one language folder to your E2B drive and add a \_ISO\MyE2B.cfg file e.g. To convert E2B...

Chinese E2B!

23/06/2014 21:24
Thanks to Mr Lin, we now have a Chinese Update. The Chinese Update is available from the Downloads page ( - unzip and overwrite the existing files on your E2B USB drive.

E2B v1.42a

17/06/2014 10:13
1.42a is a bugfix for 1.42 - if using forceiso in a .mnu file then it would not run. This is fixed in 1.42a For details of 1.42 see my blog here.    

E2B 1.41 - bugfix for AUTO folder

03/06/2014 17:47
tacovdver pointed out that sub-folders under \_ISO\AUTO were no longer enumerated due to a bug I accidentally introduced in 1.40! Now fixed in 1.41. If you are updating, just download the non-DPMS version and overwrite your existing E2B files.

MPI Pack - Clover can now boot linux

22/05/2014 06:57
Previous versions would not install Clover to the PBR if syslinux was already installed. MPI Tool Pack 032 now allows you to boot from syslinux and boot to Clover.

Clover Lite now added to the MPI Tool Pack

21/05/2014 23:58
As Clover is only 1MB, I have added the 64--bit Clover version to the MPI Tool Pack. This means that all image .imgPTN files made using MakePartImage will include Clover. The Clover menu option will only appear in the menu if a \EFI\BOOT\bootx64.efi file is present and partition 1 is on a FAT32...

New MPI_Clover_Tool_Pack_002

16/05/2014 23:07
Now you can 'switch' to a Windows 64-bit partition image from the Easy2Boot menu and then immediately boot to it in UEFI mode - no need to reboot! See my blog here for details.

Are you multi-lingual

11/05/2014 11:12
You can change E2B to display text in a different language. See here for instructions. If you have modified E2B to display the text/headings, etc. in your own language, please send me the changes. Zip up these new files and send me them and I will add them to this site as an optional download...

v1.38 released and new UEFI YouTube video

10/05/2014 21:38
See my other blog here.