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Bug in E2B v1.56!

11/09/2014 09:22
The new version of grub4dos in v1.56 (2014-09-08) seems to have a problem when installing XP (the grub4dos fat utility no longer works). I have withdrawn v1.56 until chenall can fix the problem with the new grub4dos,

PassPass updated for Win8.1

02/09/2014 12:20
I have updated PassPass for Windows 8.1 32&64-bit. The download is in the 'List of tested Payload Files' page here. PassPass allows you to log in to a system's user account without needing to know the password of the user. It works by permanently patching the code in a Windows DLL file. You can...

E2B v1.55 RC available

21/08/2014 17:22
E2B v 1.55 is almost ready for release. A Release Candidate late Beta is available in the Alternate Downloads area. Please try it and report any problems. Changes/improvement are listed here.


25/07/2014 19:04
I found a bug where the feature when calling qrun.g4b no longer works. See for details of this feature which allows you to override the file extension. Some systems seems to be very slow when E2B...

E2B v1.53

15/07/2014 16:55
There was a problem that if you made your E2B USB drive using the Make_E2B_USB_Drive.cmd file it installed a slightly different version of the grub4dos MBR code which was then not recognised by E2B if you tried to run a .imgPTN file. You would receive an 'ERROR: No Grub4dos installed to the MBR of...


08/07/2014 17:04
See blog post here Spanish also available in E2B v1.52.

Chinese Language now available for E2B v1.51

07/07/2014 09:57
Mr Lin has translated E2B v1.51 into Chinese. The STRINGS.txt file is available from the Downloads page. Simply extract the ZIP file directly onto your E2B drive. To switch to Chinese you have two choices:   1. Edit the \_ISO\MyE2B.cfg file to add the line set LANG=SIMP_CHINESE OR 2. Copy the...

E2B v1.51a fixes longstanding bug!

05/07/2014 17:02
It seems since v1.32, I have accidentally commented out a line in the XP Step 2 install code which meant that some systems failed on the 2nd boot! This is now fixed in v1.51a.

E2B v1.51 now available

04/07/2014 20:13
v.1.51 2014-07-03  .imgPTN is now equivalent to .imgPTNLBAa (use .imgPTNna for old .imgPTN behaviour) \_ISO\BACKUP_LINUX folder deleted Small changes to English STRINGS.txt Bugfix aroung CONTIG.ISO and source ISO file size detection (failed size check if >2GB) Small code/message...

New Alternate Download area

29/06/2014 10:36
I have changed the Alternate Download area to use OneDrive so that people in China can access it.