MSDart and ERD ISOs

XP-based ISOs

MSDart 5.0 or ERD Commander 2005/2007 are XP Recovery ISOs. Rename the file extension to .isomemF01 to ensure they run correctly.
If you are using E2B+DPMS (which includes Windows XP 32-bit Mass Storage drivers), then you can instead boot from the MSDaRT 5.0 ERD XP ISO and access SATA or RAID hard disks, even if the ISO does not have the correct drivers. To do this, use the special \_ISO\docs\Sample mnu Files\ERD5_DPMS.mnu file. Follow the instructions inside the file. This is the best way to run an XP-based recovery ISO. E2B v1.A7 and later versions support the .isoDPMS file extension which has the same function as ERD5_DPMS.mnu

Win7/8/10 based ISOs

MSDart v6.0 and later ISOs are based on Vista/7/8/10. For these ISOs, simple change the file extension to .iso01
If you also want the ISO to be loaded as a virtual drive then use a file extension of .isoPE01 (this will require a 'Removable' E2B Flash drive or an E2B USB HDD+USB Helper Flash drive however).
For UEFI boot support or for ISOs which don't seem to work correctly, use MakePartImage to make a partition image file from each ISO (use MPI_FAT32 for UEFI support).
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