!BAT # THIS IS FOR TEXT MODE CSM MENU # USE IN CASE GRAPHICS MODE IS NOT SUPPORTED set GMODE=3 set GFX=NONE set MYWBMP= # use hotkeys /e2b/hotkey -A # --------- HIGHLIGHT AND STANDARD COLOURS ------------ # For a highlighted menu entry with a background bar, use 'color highlight=FG/BG' (FG=Foreground colour, BG=Background colour) # Valid colours are black, blue, green, cyan, red, magenta, brown, light-gray, dark-gray, light-blue, light-green, light-cyan, light-red, light-magenta, yellow and white. # -------------------------------------------- color highlight=red/black color normal=light-gray/black color helptext=light-blue/black color border=blue/black #HEADING - position must be first line 00xx, text, colour set HEADPOS=0001 #leave set to PAYLOAD so that you can use this file in the CUSTOM folder of the MPT Tool Pack set HEADING=%PAYLOAD% #green = 2 1=bright 102=bright green on black bgnd set HCOLOUR=0102 #FOOTER - position, colour and text 24 is last line, set to 35 if no help text wanted set HBTM=2413 # 0103=cyan on black set FCOLOUR=0103 set HELPTEXT=HDD0 [F7] Back [F8] Reboot [F9] Power Off [F10] # Turn off menu numbers (blank or 0) #set AUTONUM=0 # Don't ask for menu password (or can set password) set pwd= #MENU BOX and position cannot be changed #CENTREHD does not work for text mode #write HEADING and FOOTER HELP text write (md)0x220+2 !BAT\necho -n -e -P:0000 $[0001] \x20 \x20\necho -n -e -P:%HEADPOS% $[%HCOLOUR%]%CHPAD% %HEADING%\necho -e -n -P:%HBTM% $[%FCOLOUR%]%HELPTEXT%\n\0 > nul initscript (md)0x220+2